By Ana Trampuž

You feel stuck for a while now. You don't feel the way you would like to, although from the outside everything looks perfect. You are tired from all the pressures, especially from the pressure you put on yourself. You don't really know what to do to start rolling in a different direction. There is tension inside of you, you are tensed and all the stress releasing techniques work only short term. You want to laugh feeeling relaxed and believe in yourself

Or you are always standing somewhere in the corner, not being heard, unable to say no, allowing everything just so people like you. You measure your value in compliments of others. You are unable to stand up for yourslef because the words get stuck in your throught when you want to release them, your freeye when you should stand out. Every day you wish it would be different and taht you would believe in yourself.

If you can relate to this it is time to try RTT.

We are born with extreme confidence (look at babies who can have snort all over their faces, dippers filled with poop and they are still smiling confidently) but somewhere along the line this confidence gets hidden somewhere.

Self confidence is hidden somewhere inside of you, you just need to find it. I am here to help your limited beliefs, to get to the root cause of where, when, why and how did your confidence decrease. And then we overcome that obsicle, remove it and upload your new mental program which will fill your confidence..

The results will be seen soon.

We will discuss what you need and if the energy between us is right and if you get the feeling this is for you, you will be walking around with more confidence and enjoy things that now scare you and are holding you back.