Zakaj mi je RTT všeč?

Ker so rezultati hitro vidni. Ker jaz ne želim, da nekdo hodi k meni vsako sredo ob 14h in se pogovarjava o isti temi leta in leta.

Moj cilj je, da se stranka hitro in uspešno reši problema.

Stranka se osvobodi, jaz pa sem srečna, da ji je uspelo.

Win win.

About me

I believe if you have a problem and if you don’t understand WHY this problem appeared, it is hard to solve it. Only when you understand it, you can deal with it properly. And the battle to dealing with the real cause is a lot easier than being in the dark and contemplating why we are stuck and nothing changes. And I ask questions and drill until I get to the root cause. Because it is sooooo much easier to deal with the problem afterward. I am also more successful with eliminating the problem and more at ease.

You cannot avoid problems in life. And I am not afraid of problems, but it makes me anxious if I don't understand what is behind it. For me it is easier to face the problem and to solve when I know the WHY .

So that is the reason why I was drawn into Rapid Transformational Therapy...

My mission is to help clients get to the root cause, the source of the issue and then help to destroy the old beliefs and patterns that are no longer valid. My goal is to give my clients their power back, to unhide all of the wonderful parts of themself and to go and achieve what they want.

With RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) you can see the results very quickly..  Tudi ta del terapije me je pritegnil, ker zakaj bi težavo nosil v sebi leta in leta, če pa obstajajo metode (RTT), ki te which solve the issue in 1 - 3 sessions.

I unblocked a lot of my limiting beliefs with RTT:

My lack of confidence and the feeling I am not good enough (after RTT sessions I am a lot more confident, not afraid of trying new things, I believe I can achieve so much AND my fear of what others might think is DRASTICALLY reduced).

My belief towards money (my old belief was that money is not available to me and I don't deserve it).

My focus (before the RTT session I was losing focus more often, I wanted to do too many things at once and now I find it easier to stay on track).

But most importantly I see results with my clients who made biiig changes in their beliefs and put down the burden they were carrying behind.



I am not just an RTT practitioner. I am also a mum dveh deklic (ki me opominjata na to, kaj je res pomembno), rada skačem v objeme (tistim, ki so mi blizu). Sem Gorenjka, ki živi v Mariboru (kljub temu, da sem rekla, da nikooooli (več) ne bom  imela Štajerca in živela v MB – pojedla sem celo pekarno zarečenega kruha).


I worked in marketing for many years (in an agency, in a corporate world, and media).


Italk (too) loud.I don't drink coffee in the morning (although the smell of coffee is amazing). I "steal" food from other people's plates. I usually ask first, but not always :) I take cold showers (I have to thank Wim Hof for this challenge). I love to learn by reading books, listening to podcasts, talking to people, attending workshops, online educations ...).


Funny, but I only like to take my notes or write with a blue ballpen. If it is black I kinda suffer. I believe expressing gratitude is a must for a happy and successful life and I try to do it every night before bed (thinking of switching it to my morning routine).


Rada vstajam zgodaj zjutraj, ko vsi še spijo (ob cca. 5h). Super je, ko dan začnem s treningom za moč (2x na teden). Nimam televizije (kar pa ne pomeni, da nisem sposobna kakšen večer gledat Netflix serij par ur zaporedoma 🙂.


I like fun activities with my friends not just sitting around drinking coffee.


Moja želja je narediti stojo na glavi (brez stene), se spustiti z jadralnim padalom, iti na družinsko potovanje, zaplavati v mrzlo jezero (Wim Hof metoda), izdelati svoj makrame, obleči kurentovo opravo in še in še … seznam je kar dolg 🙂.