95% of your life comes from the programming in your subconscious mind.

Bruce Lipton

1. What the hell is RTT?

RTT is short for Rapid Transformational Therapy, a type of hypnotherapy, developed by Marisa Peer.

This awarded therapy takes the client to the root cause of the presenting issue through hypnosis. And the results are fast and permanent.

Terapija združuje najbolj učinkovite tehnike in principe terapij nevrolingvističnega programiranja (NLP), hipnoterapije ter psihoterapije in kognitivno vedenjske terapije (CBT), z zmožnostjo dostopa in reprogramiranja nezavednega uma, ki prinese hitre, močne, trajne spremembe in rezultate.

Usually 1 - 3 sessions are sufficient for the problem to vanish.

2. What kind of issues can I solve with RTT?

  • Boost your self-confidence and improve your self-image. Think of what you would do differently if you had the confidence.
  • You get rid of your insomnia (the feeling of good restoring sleep is amazing).
  • Anxiety is gone.
  • The plus on your pregnancy test finally shows (or you break the cycle of repeated miscarriages). You can be a mom!
  • Love comes into your life. You can get the partner you deserve.
  • Migraines and other pains can be minimized or eliminated.
  • You destroy your fears (fear of flying, public speaking, heights, …).
  • Autoimmune diseases can go away or you can minimize their effect (Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis, eczema, MS, … ).
  • You shed the unnecessary layers of your body weight.
  • Remove anger from your life.
  • Change your relationship with money (money beliefs are a big part of the beliefs we were raised with).
  • Increase your memory and exam scores.
  • Get yourself free of PTSD.
  • Works also very well on kids (nail-biting, bed wetting …).

3, Yikes. HYPNOSIS?!

Let's be clear. Hypnosis is not magic. Hypnosis is scientifically proven and has been used for many many years.

Hypnosis triggers a burst of alpha brainwaves, which is the brainwave of REM sleep. In this alpha state the path to the subconscious mind is open. And the answers you need to get rid you’re your issue are placed there.

Anyone can achieve this state of hypnosis. Even you.

*This is not stage hypnosis and I cannot make you impersonate a chicken in your underwear on a parking lot.


Don't worry. You are in a hypnotic state every day without even knowing it. Think about the time when you came home with your car and don't even remember half of the drive? You did everything automatically without cognitive thinking. That is an example of a light trans.

The same feeling is in hypnosis. Each person has a different experience. Some have a feeling of floating, some are a little sleepy. The majority describes the hypnosis state as deeply relaxed. It doesn’t matter how you feel or how deep you think you are. It always works. .

You have control the entire time. You know exactly what you are saying and you remember everything.


The RTT session is usually between 1,5 and 2 hours. My suggestion is to allocate more time to your calendar so you are not in a hurry and that you have time to reflect.

The session does not end the process. An important part of the therapy is also a personalized audio recording that you get. You have to listen to this recording (approx. 15 min long) for 21 days straight (it is the minimum amount of time to make this new useful mental pattern a habit).

During the therapy you get to the root cause, experience an aha moment and eliminate the old limiting beliefs. Personalised audio recording is your upgrade, necessary to rewire your brain with positive beliefs, which will make your life better.


The fear of the unknown is normal. But keep in mind. You are in control the entire time. You are the boss. You are able to speak normally, to move, to wipe your tears (if necessary. Some clients even have to go to the toilet during therapy and that is all ok.

As soon as we start relaxing, the fear disappears.


You are safe during the therapy.. I am giving you space where you can freely show all your emotions and where healing and removing the limiting patterns begin.

Most importantly. You do not relive the scenes you "see" during the therapy , you only review them. As you would watch a scene on a screen in front of you. You realize what is happening and feel the feelings, but you are not really there.

All the piled-up emotions should be released. It is a part of the process and I only encourage it.

8. And if I already know what is wrong with me?

Even if you know your issue's root cause, with RTT, you get a deeper understanding. And this additional understanding offers a new and permanent way of breaking the habit and allows a permanent change.


This is not a race and everybody has their own timeline. The most important is the result.

3 ways of changing after the RTT session:

Immediate.You see the difference right away (you never smoke again).

Gradual.You feel and see how things shift every day or over time.

Retroactive.You don’t notice any shifts right away (life happens in between) and then one day you suddenly realise the problem you had is gone.