Vesela sem, da si tu.

You are here for a reason.

– ker  in se vrteti v začaranem krogu negativnih in obremenjujočih občutkov.

– ker želiš končno odložiti breme, ki ga že predolgo nosiš na svojih ramenih in sprostiti to napetost.

– ker hočeš dvigniti samozavest, se posloviti od anksioznosti, končno privabiti ljubezen v svoje življenje, reči adijo nespečnosti, končno videti plus na testu nosečnosti, 

– ker se želiš znebiti nepotrebnih strahov, ki te ovirajo tako v osebnem kot v poslovnem življenju.

– ker se želiš znebiti vseh nepojasnjenih bolečin, motenj in simptomov, ki jih tvoje telo producira brez znanega razloga ali pa ne deluje tako kot bi lahko.

Ne pozabi. Ti imaš moč!

You can change and achieve everything you want. I am just here to help you.

Ko odstraniš vzrok, se zgodijo spremembe

All the beliefs you have, all the repeating patterns you notice, every illness has a cause somewhere. When you get to that cause, to the source (which is usually hidden in our subconscious mind), you can get rid of your problem quicker and more efficiently.

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is one of the most efficient (and fast) methods, which will help you put down your burden, help you break the old patterns and help you retake a deep, effortless breath. As a certified RTT practitioner I am guiding you through that process. My role is to show you how powerful you are and help you erase the limiting beliefs you have, beliefs that are holding you back.

There has to be the right energy between the client and the therapist. So read more about me HERE and decide if you think we could click.

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Vsak od nas ima svojo zgodbo in svojo preteklost.




RTT terapija ni zate, če:

You are not ready to do something about the change. You get to the root cause during therapy, you experience an »aha moment« and then you break the pattern and say goodbye forever.

When something is holding you back and there is a burden on your shoulders, you want to get rid of that problem ASAP. If you had a major toothache would you suffer for years before you would see a dentist? Probably not. You want the pain to disappear. You do not want to talk about the pain with your dentist every Wednesday at 4 pm. And that is why I like RTT, because it has instant relief. Because the results are fast and permanent (I saw this with my clients and me).

Your task after the session is to listen to the personalized audio recording for at least 21 days straight (according to the theory of habits it takes at least 21 days to make a new habit). The point of this approx. 15 min long recording is to upgrade your mental automatism (like upgrading your phone to the latest version, without the previous bugs).